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The brand had to be updated and refreshed to reflect the growth that the organization was experiencing. This was done through a new look for their business cards and email signatures. This showed that the brand was evolving, which is a good representation of what the company stands for.

GPA also approached Dezines to create a set of social media assets that can be used as attention-grabbing, thought-provoking visuals, to accompany strong copywriting. These were published on LinkedIn, as well as in various digital magazine publications. These visuals reinforced the brands’ message ensuring it was clear and consistent across all mediums, helping to create a unified brand identity that customers could trust.

Brand identity is not just about looks. It is also about how the brand is perceived by its customers and stakeholders. In order to ensure that the brand was being represented in the best way possible, a brand audit was conducted. The findings of the audit were used to create a brand strategy that would guide all future branding initiatives.

And with all these updates complete, GPA’s brand identity has been successfully refreshed!

CATEGORY: Brand Identity & Website Design

CLIENT: Gerald Pulvermacher & Associates

DATE:  January 2021